After well over a year of negotiations, upset and stress, my separation is finally over. Emma was so helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable, and was just amazing throughout the whole process. I at times was not politest person to deal with under the circumstances and Emma was very understanding and empathetic. Great value, great service, and I would recommend Emma to anyone that has the misfortune of going through a separation\divorce. Shaun, Auckland 

It was a difficult time and there was a lot more to separating our assets than I had realised but I am confident our outcome was fair for everyone. Matthew, Auckland 

I am so happy I found Emma when I was in a bad place and was ready to walk away from my family (and money). It was a long road and I am sure I was not always the most polite client but we got there in the end. I have since recommended Emma to two people who are equally as happy with her service. Craig, Hamilton

Relationship Property Agreement signed and I am happy to move on with my life. Thanks Emma. Maria, Hamilton 

Recommended service by Emma. Sara, Hamilton 

10/10 thanks Emma. I have recommended you to a friend. Nick, Hamilton 

I was very happy with the level of service I received from Emma. She responded quickly when I had issues and always gave me needed advice and guidance. I am happy with the agreement I signed. Jase, Hamilton 

My employer tried to discipline me and my job was on the line but luckily Emma Miles saw issues in my employment and managed to negotiate me an exit from an unbearable situation. I am happy to provide a testimonial for Emma. RB, Hamilton 

I cannot believe my separation is finally complete. Thank you Emma for persevering with me and always being there when I called! I am sure I would not have got that level of service elsewhere.  Natalie, Hamilton 

When my husband left me and our kids I was devastated. Emma was patient and listened to me and gave me advice, although I didn’t always like what she said at the time 😉 Eventually we managed to divide our finances and I am happy with the outcome. It was an awful time for me but she made it bearable. Caroline, Auckland

In the middle of 2017 my ex tried to take our daughter overseas to live. Emma helped me file court applications to stop him doing it and then helped to get our parenting arrangement formalised. Things are not perfect yet but Emma has been with me every step of the way. Senga, Auckland 

I have used Emma as my employment lawyer for around 5 years since she acted for an employee who had a claim against the business I manage. She handled the matter so quickly, without fuss, and made what would have been a long winded situation, manageable. I knew I had to have her act for my side in future and have called her for advice since. Fergus, Auckland 

I have a small business with only five employees. so when one of them claimed another one was bullying them, I was completely out of my depth. Emma handled the situation with professionalism and sensitivity. I would not hesitate to call her again if any more issues arose. Local Business, Hamilton 

I am very happy that I have found a lawyer I can rely on whenever I have a legal issue. Even if my issue is in an area Emma does not specialize in, she passes me to the correct person. I can always trust Emma and that is important to me. Marcus, Hamilton 

I contacted Emma for my employment issue after being referred to her by a friend she had also helped. Emma listened to me and really understood how I was feeling about the way things were at work. She advised me of all of my options clearly and I was able to choose the path that was right for me. My issue was sorted out and a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. Thankyou Emma.  Katie, Auckland 

Emma was extremely professional and supportive during a tough time in my life. Not knowing much about the legal system, I felt I was in safe hands with Emma. She’s seasoned and extremely confident. She went above and beyond for me and I can’t imagine someone else going the distance the way she did. Asanga, Auckland

I sought Emma’s advice when I was setting up in business and needed some documentation drafted and terms of use for my Technology company. Emma was so easy to get on with. After our first meeting Emma Understood perfectly what I needed and had a plan together in a very short time.
Emma is professional and so easy to get on with. nothing was too much trouble. I am sure there are many great Lawyers out there and I am glad I have found one that I still work with and will continue to in the future. Mark, Tauranga 

I contacted Emma as I was having some contact issues with my children. I found her to be very engaging and understanding of my situation. The assistance that she gave was very beneficial. Her communication was very timely, and she always kept me informed of the situation. I would recommend Emma to anyone who required a relationship lawyer. Ian, Hamilton 

I was referred to Emma as I was needing a support person for an employment performance meeting. All I can say is that listen to this lady and follow her instruction as she knows her stuff. I cannot recommend her more.Knowledgeable, professional and cost effective. It was a total win win for me by using Emma in this situation. Phillip, Auckland 

Emma was recommended and so I was grateful she was available to represent me for employment related matters. As a client, Emma has your absolute best interests at the forefront and she applies her extensive expertise and experience so that you gain the best possible outcomes. She’s amicable, puts you at ease with the process and simply knows her stuff! She is the lawyer to see for any employment issues you encounter. Thanks Emma!! Aroha, Waikato 

I first contacted Emma Miles Law after encountering some employment issues at work. I felt I had been unfairly treated but wasn’t sure if my employer had broken the law with the issues I was facing. From the first call, Emma was supportive, informative and clear on the options available to me. I felt that I had strong backing, and the legal support I needed to ensure that I made the right decisions based on the right advice. Emma guided me through the legal process involved with my employment dispute and used her expert legal skill to obtain the best outcome available to me. Without Emma, this would have been a very worrying and frightening experience. I would certainly engage Emma again for any further legal assistance I may need and can only thank her for the support and expertise she has provided. David, Auckland 

In March 2018 I had cause to call on Emma for a situation involving my son and an employment issue that he was having. I found Emma to be both knowledgeable and professional. She went above and beyond the call of duty. Making herself available at short notice, exceeding my expectations and getting an outcome which, we were more than happy with. I have no reservations in recommending Emma for any legal matter. Andy, Cambridge 

I approached Emma to assist with a family issue. She took all of my concerns seriously and assisted us to form a plan that didn’t involve the courts. Her prompt response assisted in us being able to move forward. Emma exudes professional conduct throughout all of her transactions. I am very grateful for the time and effort that Emma provided. Mitchell, Rotorua 

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