Pre-Nuptial / Contracting Out Agreements

Pre-Nuptial / Contracting Out Agreements

Life is fickle! At times it may be necessary to plan for worst case scenarios for peace of mind. If you would like to clarify your wishes around your property in case of a separation or the death of one or both of you, please give us a call and Emma can guide you through the process. Emma offers specialist advice on:

Beginning a Relationship
  Contracting out / Pre-Nuptial Agreements (Pre-Nups)
– Protecting Separate Property
– Protection of Assets
– Protecting an Inheritance
– Treatment of Debts
– Will Adequacy
– Trusts Evaluation

  Pre-Separation Consultation
  Advice on Options
  Strategies for Protection of Assets
  Impact of Domestic Violence
 Childcare Considerations

If you would like to discuss your situation then call us today for a no obligation consultation about how we can help.

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